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    Installing your RAINGODDESS™  rain capture system is an easy process.

    Download the Installation Instructions here

    Placing Your RainGoddess

    • Choose a downspout on your house or garage that is close to the plants and garden you water  most. Your other downspouts can be disconnected and directed into your yard.
    • Choose a downspout where your overflow will soak into your own yard, and not your neighbors’ property.
    • Place your RainGoddess on a pervious (e.g. landscaped) surface that allows overflow to soak into the ground. If placed on an impervious (e.g. paved) surface, rain water overflow during heavy rains should be directed to the storm drain system.
    • You may want to place your RainGoddess on concrete blocks if you are going to use a hose to direct water to your garden (gravity will help move the water), or if you want to fill up a watering can from the spigot (so the can fits underneath the spigot).

    EnviroscapeLA founder Mike Garcia describes how to capture rainwater for use in a vertical garden. The Rain Goddess system is the world’s most attractive Rainwater capture system which makes saving rainwater practical and attractive at a practical cost.

    Using Your RAINGODDESS™ System Captured Water

    • Use the water collected in your rain barrel!
    • Water your flowers, trees, shrubs, and lawn.
    • Wash your car or pets. Rinse hands and feet, tools, or muddy boots.
    • DO NOT DRINK WATER from your RAINGODDESS™ system barrel.