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    municipalMore and more state and local governments including water agencies are looking to harvest rainwater to help reduce the amount of water needed by our increasing population.

    RAINGODDESS™ Rainwater Capture Systems not only assist water utilities by promoting water conservation, but also reduce storm water entering the treatment plants, which reduces the costs upon the utilities for processing storm water. It’s no secret that today, water conservation is playing a huge part in how local government agencies are reducing water consumption.

    Several states encourage rainwater harvesting by eliminating the sales tax on rainwater system supplies.  In addition, many cities across the United States have waived permitting fees, offered rebates on tanks, waived property taxes, set up demonstration sites, and provided rain barrels, irrigation audits, and low-flow toilets.

    Other governing bodies also support rainwater harvesting to reduce stormwater flows.

    Let RAINGODDESS™  show you how your local water agency or government can reap the benefits of harvesting rainwater.

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